SaaB Achitects Exhibition // ZEZEZE Gallery // Tel Aviv Harbor

The exhibition presents five homes from the oeuvre of SaaB Architects over the past five years. These were selected as case studies in search of a "generator" – the motivating element at the base of the design process, leading to a unique result. While the final product of the design corresponds to the generic definition of "residential home", and more so one with a similar typology, the search for each home's "generator" exposes varying elements, arrived at from different areas, scales and disciplines. The "generator" is in essence a result of a dialogue between architect and client in a given context; a specific point raised in the initial encounter, refined and distilled during the process, receiving architectural representation at its end. Typically the "generator" is a result of the environmental – natural or built – context, subjectively experienced by the involved; in other cases, it is a result of the human component, the home owners' character or occupation. This driving element is transformed during the design process, and receives a physical manifestation in the basic architectural elements such as plan, facade, section or details. Each of the five houses is represented by a unique "generator", tracing its architectural manifestation throughout the design: a house with a unique Galilee view drawn from the views and openings towards the landscape; a house situated in a settlement full of agricultural corrugated iron sheds, for which a unique climatic system of covering and shades was developed from the same material; a house for a musician, whose facades are an uplifting play of color; a house with a compound-like plan closed off to its neighbors, whose insides are translucent and open; and a house situated amongst abundant vegetation, whose section is in constant dialogue with the surrounding trees. The houses are presented through photographs, architectural plans, movies and wooden models. Each house is of different materials, color, size and context, with varying essence and foci, yet they share in common a joint and readable thread leading to the same source of design. All images presented in the exhibition are by architect and photographer Luciano Santandreu. These express the viewpoint of the designers and planners in the optimal manner in which they were intended.

interior design